Who We Are

PPF Investments is an independent, international private equity group with a specific focus on transitional economies such as those found in Central and Eastern Europe or Asia. Our goals are to achieve superior, risk-adjusted returns for our Investors by investing into assets/projects with significant growth potential.

The core of our investment philosophy is to focus on the fundamentals: sound business & corporate strategy, prudent management, and optimal capital structure. By applying these principles to both healthy and distressed companies, we strive for excellent operational performance, high growth, and ultimately strong cash flow generation.

PPF Investments has the right to use the "PPF" trademark, brand name of the prominent Czech financial group. PPF Investments and PPF Group are two independent groups in terms of assets and business activities.

The controlling shareholder of PPF Investments is Tomas Brzobohaty. According to standard practice of private equity companies we are not entitled to disclose our investors structure.